Collaborative Monitoring Working Group

Collaborative Monitoring Working Group

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The Collaborative Monitoring Working Group (CMWG) works together to support the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

This dedicated multi-stakeholder forum, enables informal, free, and pragmatic discussion of issues and opportunities associated with the Collaborative Monitoring agenda.

The purpose of the CMWG is to not only facilitate discussion, but to explore and deliver practical solutions to common monitoring challenges. To this end, the CMWG works to identify and explore issues related to the challenges of constrained access to programme or project areas, and endeavours to identify opportunities to derive common benefit from monitoring activities undertaken. It is anticipated that such work could also contribute to the more efficient and effective use of resources, and assist with the management of risks to personnel.

The Collaborative Monitoring Working Group has the following key objectives:

1. The enabling and promotion of multi-stakeholder discussion and information-sharing regarding monitoring related issues. This includes (but may not be limited to) discussion of member requirements, risk management practices, challenges, gaps, lesson-sharing, and the identification of opportunities.

2. The discussion and development of consensus on areas relating to the practice of collaborative monitoring, and the identification and exploration of means by which to implement these.

3. The identification and discussion of areas where obstacles to the implementation of collaborative monitoring approaches and practices exist, and proactive identification of opportunities to address these.

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