UN Global Pulse – Mobile Data Privacy Project

UN Global Pulse – Mobile Data Privacy Project

UN Global Pulse was launched as an innovation initiative by the United Nations Secretary-General on big data in late 2009. The vision of UN Global Pulse is for a future in which big data is harnessed safely and responsibly as a public good. Its mission is to accelerate discovery, development and scaled adoption of big data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

One of the Projects undertaken by UN Global Pulse in 2015 was to review the risks related to the use of mobile data vis-à-vis privacy considerations. The goal of the ‘Mapping the Risk-Utility Landscape of Mobile Data for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action’ project was to determine how insights from mobile data might be used to maximum effect in support of policy planning and crisis response with minimal risk to privacy. The project aimed to determine the impact that aggregating mobile data to protect privacy has upon the utility of the data.

The summary of this project can be located here: UNGP_ProjectSeries_Mobile_Data_Privacy_2015

In 2014 UN Global Pulse implemented 25 joint data innovation projects, which made a significant contribution to the body of evidence demonstrating practical examples of how big data can complement traditional approaches to development planning and monitoring. These projects were driven by more than 15 new data and technology partnerships cultivated over the year, demonstrating the increasing willingness of the private sector to use data for the common good.

The 2014 Annual report provides a brief overview of the work of Global Pulse and can be located here:  UN Global Pulse – Annual Report 2014