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ALNAP is a system-wide network organisation dedicated to improving the accountability and performance of humanitarian action by strengthening the humanitarian evidence base through sharing lessons, identifying key issues and, where appropriate, providing leadership to find collective approaches and solutions.

ALNAP consists of Members and subscribers and is governed by a Steering Committee representing the membership, and serviced by a small secretariat.

Members include agencies from the United Nations, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, bilateral and multilateral donor organisations, international non-government organisations, humanitarian networks and inter-agency initiatives, research institutes, Academics and consultancy groups.

Subscribers are individuals or organisations demonstrating an interest in issues of accountability, quality and learning in the humanitarian sector. They receive regular updates on ALNAP’s work, and other relevant notices circulated by ALNAP members.

The ALNAP Corporate Strategy can be found here: alnap-strategy-sept2013

The ALNAP Website is located here: